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For Vacation Rentals -info & reservations:
Contact Cheryl Galasso: 787-435-6596
email- culebrarentals@att.net

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Culebra Island Realty is owned and operated by Jim & Cheryl Galasso. They moved to Culebra from Long Island, New York in 1994 with their two young children Amanda and Nick to enjoy a Culebra adventure for six months and are still enjoying their adventure. In their prior lives Jim worked in law enforcement on Long Island and Cheryl was an Addictions Counselor. Cheryl has practiced Astanga Yoga since 1996 and has been a certified teacher since 2000. Cheryl offers Body-Mind-Soul Wellness vacation retreats in Culebra for any groups or individuals interested as well as 11th Step Retreats for Addictions. Practitioners are also welcome to inquire to present their own Culebra retreat, Cheryl will assist in putting it together through Culebra Island Realty.                                                                                          Please check out her website:www.culebraretreats.com.

We are pleased that in 2012, Amanda, our daughter, joined us in the business. Amanda has a degree in graphic design and she is available for the professional creation of graphic art designs upon request at art.justbe@gmail.com or 787-435-6556.

Culebra Island Realty is the oldest established licensed real estate/vacation rental company on Culebra and is recognized by the Puerto Rico Department of Tourism. Jim is a licensed real estate broker and Cheryl is a licensed sales agent in Puerto Rico. Since, 1997, they have specialized in vacation rentals of some of Culebras’ finest privately owned homes. Culebra Island Realty represents some of the most exclusive residences on Culebra, but no matter the price range chosen you will enjoy quality and value. They represent fine homes in all price ranges. Cheryl is the reservation manager will be pleased to assist guests with information and reservation management. On Culebra between guest houses and small hotels there are only about 350 rentable rooms. This limits the accessibility to Culebra. So Culebra Island Realty offers visitors the affordable opportunity to enjoy the island from a different perspective and with more privacy and comfort.

Since our rental business was created in 1997, it has always been our goal to establish a strong base of repeat clients. We have accomplished this goal by only representing homes that meet our qualifications, our high standard of cleanliness, our competitive pricing, our consistent reliability, and prompt service. We can proudly state that our client base has more than a 66% repeat rate.

Culebra Island Realty offers personalized service from the initial booking of reservations, through your check in and while you are on Culebra we are here to assist you and answer questions. We promptly answer all emails inquiries at culebrarentals@att.net and telephone inquiries to Cheryl at 787-435-6596. We will happily assist you in choosing the right vacation home for your individual needs and price range. Please note that calls to Culebra are NOT an international call and actually ATT, Sprint and T-Mobil cell services are in- network in Puerto Rico. We are always happy to provide information about our special little island, travel information options and vehicle rentals. We meet you when you arrive on Culebra and assist getting you to your rental home with a brief explanation of where to go and what to do while on Culebra. In short our goal is to make your Culebra experience an enjoyable life long memory.



Rental Rates --"In season rates December 15th thru May 1st” “Off season Rates May 1st thru December 15th"

Our rates are listed for a typical one week minimum stay. Each home we represent has its own maximum occupancy and the rates are adjusted in the pricing if your occupancy is less than the maximum except during Christmas- New Year and occasionally some other high season times . A week stay is seven nights. Ninety- eight percent (98%) of our guests stay a week or longer, and we prorate out stays over a week for example – 8-13 nights. We do NOT require a Saturday to Saturday schedule. The schedule for each home is based upon the individual schedule of each house.

Maid service and / or extra linens and towels are typically supplied in all homes depending upon the length of a stay over a week. Most homes on the exclusive and secluded east end of Culebra are on cistern water so there are no laundry facilities at these homes (please review the explanation of utilities on Culebra at bottom of this page)

Effective- APRIL 1st, 2004- The government of Puerto Rico in an effort to promote tourism requires us to collect a seven percent tax on all short term vacation rentals.

A 50% deposit is required to secure a reservation. Deposits are non-refundable, unless after you cancel we are able to rebook the time you reserved with another reservation. If this occurs we can refund your deposit minus a $25 service charge. The balance of the rent, tax and damage deposit is due at check in. Since 1997 until 2014 we have had less than 15 cancelations and were able to rebook a majority. However, these are privately owned homes –and the owners cannot be expected to suffer the loss of your cancellation. So we recommend to renters if they are troubled by the possibility of a cancelation that they should seek out travel insurance. After you select a rental home, Cheryl will provide you with a “booking email” that will advise you with costs and payment method. As most of our reservations are committed to a month to a year ahead of time US Postal First Class Mail works well with delivery normally within 3-5 days. Finally security/damage deposits are required on all the homes we represent and cover loss, breakage or excessive cleanup and are promptly refunded via US Mail a few days after check out. We check you into the vacation homes but guests check out on their own.

Typically check-ins are guaranteed by 3:30PM and if possible many times earlier. Checkout is by 10:30am.

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                                           SECTION #1 - ZONI BEACH HOMES
ZONI BEACH AREA: Zoni Beach is a mile long sand beach located on the secluded eastern coast of Culebra. Zoni Beach faces St Thomas, Culebrita, and Cayo Norte and the water is normally calm. Typically during the winter season Zoni Beach has about 30-50 visitors, however many times you can be the only person. The nearest commercial building is back over four miles on a paved country type road. Zoni Beach is a timeless treasure. As for the past thousands of years, the Leatherback Turtles come back each year to nest. The nesting is done at night during late March to July. We ask that you respect their Zoni legacy in the evening hours of nesting as it is they that keep this treasure timeless. The Leatherback Turtles are an endangered species and are protected by the Endangered Species Act. Therefore- now and forever there should be NO building on Zoni Beach.

WATER FRONT PROPERTIES: As the four one mile long beaches of Culebra are protected from building it is unqiue and rare to have a waterfront rental home. The homes listed below are all located in a private community located just off the road to Zoni Beach about two and a half miles from town and the nearest commercial building. This private community has a minimum of five acres a house zoning. Each of these waterfront rental homes offers outstanding Caribbean views.

SECLUDED RENTAL HOMES- Each of these rental homes is located on the quiet secluded eastern side of Culebra. They are about midway between Zoni Beach and the small town of Dewey. So you are a short five minute ride in either direction and about the same to Flamenco Beach. Each of these homes is located on a minimum of five acres of property in a private community zoned five acres a house. Each of these quality rental homes offer outstanding views and cooling trade breezes.

A very exclusive small private residential community of one acre residential zoning that is located above Melones beach on the secluded west coast of Culebra. There are ten residences in this community and only a few of them are offered as vacation rentals. The Melones beach area is quietly renowned for its calm waters, excellent swimming, exceptional snorkeling and awe inspiring sunsets.

SELECT AFFORDABLE HOMES : The homes listed below are closer into town. These homes work well for folks that are looking for something more affordable but do not sacrifice on comfort or cleanliness. They are also perfect for guests who want to be closer to town and want to do daily diving or plan on using Flamenco Beach during most of their visit. Please be assured that Culebra Island Realty does not accept a rental home unless it meets our standards. These homes offer excellent interiors with attractive furnishings and the properties have good to very good views of the interior harbor.

Due to the increase of inquiries seeking affordable longer term vacation rentals, we have added this new section to the web site. Each of these cottages or residences offer unique and incredible locations and residences. These offerings have been discounted significantly from their weekly rates to present
 an affordable alternative for those snowbird couples looking to spend an extended time either on Culebra or in the exclusive community of Palmas Del Mar, on the main island of Puerto Rico. Please note --- month long is defined as four weeks (28 nights) minimum and proration over that length is permitted and encouraged. Weekly maid service is included in the prices.  

Satellite TV, Internet, Water and Electric - Please note that most of the homes we represent have both Sat TV and WiFi Internet. Each home in its individual ad will advise a renter of what is available at individual houses. The Sat TV is either provided by Dish or Direct TV and the Internet is provided by an independent company called Culebra Wireless. Typically the service is excellent and consistent but this is a rural island in the Caribbean so on occasion the service might have a problem. If it does the provider will be notified immediately but after that neither Culebra Island Realty nor the owner are responsible for the timely response or actual fix of the problem. Usually it is done quickly but on a very rare occasion it is not and might require more extensive work. These are very uncommon occasions but if they do happen there are no refunds or rebates to renter as we cannot guarantee these services. There is city water to much of Culebra except some areas in the exclusive and secluded east end of Culebra. The city water is potable and is commonly consumed on Culebra. In areas without city water the houses are on rainwater cisterns. These homes have storage capacities generally 18,000- to 40,000 gallons. However, in these homes it is necessary to be conservative in the use of water. This conservation requires short showers and almost all the east end homes do not offer a laundry at the house due to the conservation required. The water from rain water cisterns is not tested so it cannot be officially certified for consumption, however the cisterns in all our homes have been used for drinking now for many years. A renter can buy bottle water in town if they wish. We have been renting all of these homes with cisterns for many years and never had an issue. The majority of our renters and over 70% are repeats have adapted well and in the world or decreasing water supplies have actually thanked us for the lessons they have learned in this minimal form of conservation. The electric to Culebra has historically been extremely stable and consistent. Maybe 15 times a year the electric might go out for a few hours and that is normally to correct an issue or upgrade a system. Culebra gets its electric undersea from the main island of Puerto Rico but we do have a backup generating system on Culebra that if the occasion arises can provide electric to all of Culebra for a prolonged time period.
Effective July 2016